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Step #0 Brainstorming

My 5th Edition group has kind of petered out, since the bar we played in has closed and I broke my foot. A new campaign! This time, I’m building it B/X and I’m building it with dice. No over-arching themes, … Continue reading

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The Caldera Campaign

For now, I just want to put down some ideas and a general idea of the campaign… including that amazingly unartistic sketch of the setting’s cosmology. Continue reading

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BX House Rules

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ll be a player (for the first time in a decade!) in a B/X campaign starting in a week or two. Although I (really, really) look forward to being on the other side … Continue reading

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I dig 5th Edition. Got it as soon as I could, as a sort of present-to-myself celebrating victory in a political campaign that I’d had some involvement in. (Get ’em, Jim Kenney!) Before 5th, I had written a 4th Edition … Continue reading

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