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Step #0 Brainstorming

My 5th Edition group has kind of petered out, since the bar we played in has closed and I broke my foot. A new campaign! This time, I’m building it B/X and I’m building it with dice. No over-arching themes, … Continue reading

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The Caldera Campaign

For now, I just want to put down some ideas and a general idea of the campaign… including that amazingly unartistic sketch of the setting’s cosmology. Continue reading

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BX House Rules

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ll be a player (for the first time in a decade!) in a B/X campaign starting in a week or two. Although I (really, really) look forward to being on the other side … Continue reading

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I dig 5th Edition. Got it as soon as I could, as a sort of present-to-myself celebrating victory in a political campaign that I’d had some involvement in. (Get ’em, Jim Kenney!) Before 5th, I had written a 4th Edition … Continue reading

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Straight Outta Mordor

Headed up to the beautiful city of San Francisco over the Labor Day 96 and proceeded to drink entirely too much. Great times with old friends sandwiched by grueling drives. Picked up my little brother Slam P, who will be … Continue reading

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Stairs and a Picnic Table

After a few days in Chicago and a few more occupied with last-minute investigation assignment (which made me miss my initial flight and cost me a day of leave), it is time to return to some D&D. As our current … Continue reading

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The City of Tarsus

At the center of the Five Duchies is the sprawling metropolis of Tarsus, home to nearly ninety-thousand souls. An ancient city that predates even the Imperium itself, the city-state is now the most powerful on the eastern coast.

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