Stairs and a Picnic Table

After a few days in Chicago and a few more occupied with last-minute investigation assignment (which made me miss my initial flight and cost me a day of leave), it is time to return to some D&D.

As our current campaign is focused on urban adventures, I’ve been focused on minis and terrain that hit our most common encounter area: marketplaces, taverns, and brothels.

I ordered me up some Tavern Accessories from JR Games and the Pathfinder Pawns:  NPC Codex from Paizo with the aim of setting up some solid urban encounters (when combined with the many many dungeon tiles I already have in the arsenal.) I’ll get to the minis in a later post, but the furniture is our current focus.

Since pickings were slim in terms of prefab scenery accessories, I tried to make a couple myself to get my feet wet. I wanted some stairs and a table, so I started cutting up popsicle sticks.

IMG_0614I wanted 2″ x 1″ and 1″ x 1″ stair sections going up (you can draw stairs going down) and maybe an extra bar table. I built styrofoam bases and started gluing my cut sections on.

IMG_0616The table was just Elmer’s, popsicle sticks, and 1/4″ sections of small dowels. Glue the whole thing together, but don’t worry about what the underside looks like. I didn’t.

IMG_0619Once everything was assembled, I painted the exposed styrofoam black to mute it and stained the wood with a 1:5 brown/black paint to water mix. Feeling ambitious, I jumped into painting the Tavern Accessories with mostly dry-brushing.

For the water in the well-piece, I wanted to try something new. I sliced out a section of clear blue plastic from a travel pack of Q-Tips and set it in the recess.

IMG_0622All that remains is to do a light wash of all the pieces with 1:10 black paint and water and spray paint protector. The assembled and painted pieces are below…

IMG_0625So this gives me something to work with when setting up a tavern fight or two. My scale, as always, is ludicrous. Prior planning and drafting might help, but I’m more of the “leap first” type.

Where can I find some good urban “terrain” to spice up interior exterior encounters?

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