DM Screen of Ultimate Doom, Pt V: Assembly

The screen was just barely finished in time for Saturday night’s session, but it produced the desired effect.

The screen in action.

The screen in action.

The towers, when used for appropriately climactic rolls, produced the desired effect:  tension and buy-in. The tables gave a solid foundation for reference and the imposing wall pattern was just goddamn cool.

Once the towers were assembled, they were set on a foamboard base with the center wall section. For ease of storage and other logistical reasons, I decided my triptych would be separated, each wall set on to its own base. Some day I may upgrade to hinges. Hard to tell.

For the player-facing dice tower, I found this door using a handy google image search. I sized the image, printed it on regular paper (don’t want to hold back the d20s of Ultimate Doom), and glued the sides to my doorway, creating this effect:

Dice Tower Door

To provide a funky turf effect and stabilize the screen, I used green seafoam glued to the base and the boards. On the back side, I used slices of foamboard or styrofoam. Since its fragile, I wanted it to be as stable as possible — it gets windy in the Damnable Desert at night, and we play outside.

Once all three sections are complete, just stand them up and get ready to play!

Room for doom.

Room for doom.

Dungeonmaster Bonkers

Dungeonmaster Bonkers

What does your home-made screen look like?

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