DM Screen of Ultimate Doom, Pt IV: Towers

Our walls are done and its time for the tricky part:  our dice-roller towers. The basic structure consists of four walls of foamboard, 11″ tall and 4″ wide. Two of the panels form the back of each tower. To these, I glued a 4″ x 4″ x 3″ block of seafoam, hoping to anchor the tower and build the base of the dice chute.

the back-board

Around the blocks, I affixed walls, one with a 3″ tall, 2″ wide doorway at the base for the dice. On the walls I glued in 2″ square tumblers, slanted down. I carved the foam base to channel the dice out the door and glued down foam panels. The back walls don’t need your wall pattern on them, but each of the other three got the treatment.


I left one side open until the end, just in case. After a couple tests with my faithful d20, I was satisfied that the thing worked and threw the last wall on.


The last stage is the addition of a few small panels for the battlements.


…for a little touch, I found a castle door pattern with google image search and printed it onto thin paper. I glued it over the doorway and creased it a little to make sure it wouldn’t slow or stop the die.

One tower will throw the die right into the middle of the players; the other flies it back behind the screen. What other innovations should I have considered?

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