DM Screen of Ultimate Doom, Pt III: Walls

The house is trashed. We have sworn blood-oaths not to clean until the screen is finished. The desecrated corpses of foamboard panels lie scattered in each room; empty beer cans are piling up. We scan couches and easy chairs for craft knives before we sit. There can, at this crucial juncture, be neither retreat nor compromise. We doggedly continue, until the bitter end…

I’m deep into building the dice towers, so while I wait for glue to dry, here’s the process for walls:


The walls are your simplest (major) step. As previously stated, I wanted my reference tables to flow logically from travel & encumbrance to vision/listening to random encounter to snap NPC generation to skill use and combat and end with rewards and experience.

Furthest rightward, I’d paste on a dry-erase sheet and a turn tracker, for rapid-fire updates/notes and general “Like a Boss”-ery.

First step was to size it. I’d have three walls connected by two dice-tumbling towers. Each wall section will be 16.5″ wide and 10″ inches tall, with 1″ wide, 1/2″ deep crenels every 2″ of battlement.

I picked these dimensions haphazardly:  when I combined foamboard with my printed wall pattern, this was the best compromise I could get. Exact dimensions aren’t important, so long as they’re consistent. I wanted to be able to sit behind the screen and still see over it, so I didn’t want to make the walls too high. Adding width gave me more room for reference tables.

I measured and sketched my pattern onto the board and then glued it to the wall-prints. I wanted to build a little parapet for minis, so I used Krunk there to figure out the height I wanted — just enough for the players to see a couple weapons and horns sticking out, not enough for them to guess what was about to maim and slaughter their hapless PCs.


When you paste down your foam, leave yourself a centimeter or two of extra pattern cardstock along the top and sides. Cut flaps, score and fold them, and paste down to hide the foam ridges.

Once the exterior is patterned, I cut a few inch-wide-strips for the parapet and a couple triangles of styrofoam for supporters. A heavy chunk of foam on the outside edge helps it stand upright and supports the structure. Last, I cut out my reference tables and pasted them on in the order I wanted. Results are below:


Which tables would you include?

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