DM Screen of Ultimate Doom Pt. II: Preparation

Having launched into this venture with a fully-formed and thoroughly half-baked idea in my head, I went for some supplies.


For this project you will need:

  1. A refreshing beverage.
  2. Glue:  at least 4 kinds. Crazy, craft, Elmer’s, sticks.
  3. Foam board. Shitloads.
  4. Rulers, T-Squares, etc. Wood pictured here, but aluminum is better. I took a few chops out of the wooden ruler with an x-acto knife and ruined the line. Work with aluminum.
  5. X-acto knives. Lots of them. All different sizes of blades. You might shit out a blade or two cutting into a wooden ruler, so it’s best to have extras.
  6. Cutting Mat — not only do the grid lines help guide you, but you will also avoid slicing huge gashes into the living room table that your roommate’s dead grandmother bequeathed to him because of all the happy afternoons they spent scrapbooking on its surface when he was just a young Devil Dog.
  7. All the relevant reference tables you want included. I decided that three major boards would hold a) vision/sight/encounter range tables, random encounters b) skill use and combat tables, and c) rewards and encounter levels. I had all the pages of the PHB, DMG, and DMG II that might contain any useful tables printed on cardstock just in case. Not sure what I’ll use yet, but it’s good to have options.
  8. For the outer pattern, I wanted something darker and more imposing than those screens I sought to emulate. So I plugged “castle wall pattern” into google and found a suitably imposing pattern. Can’t seem to find it now, so apologies to the creator…stonewall
  9. I got about a dozen 17″ x 11″ prints of the pattern on cardstock to allow for screw-ups and eventual Victory. The friendly employees of Oasis Office Supply helped me set this and the page selections from the Core rulebooks to print, and they didn’t even make fun of me that much. Should cover the walls and towers…at least the exterior.
  10. Styrofoam. Kids’ diorama sets, sea foam for old lady craft projects, whatever… Just buy a shitload. It will come in handy.

What are some good materials to keep on hand for projects that pop up on a whim?

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