DM Screen of Ultimate Doom Part I: Inspiration

Eventually I grew tired of my Dungeon Master’s Screen. Maybe because it was just a few pieces of cardboard taped together with three or four tables glued to the inside. Or maybe because I saw this:


It’s pretty cool. The dice towers were serious and the idea of sitting behind a castle crushing the hopes and dreams of PCs everywhere has a definite appeal. The drawbacks of this model, however, are many… No reference tables! Using all that space for stacking cards and minis ignores the primary (for me, anyway) purpose of the screen:  instant reference that keeps the session rolling.

So I dug a little deeper … and found this:



This guy really leveled up. He skips the prissy perfection of mass-cast plastic and goes straight for the jugular:  an imperious divide between player and Master that’s brimming with high-speed references and die-tumbling towers. All for the price of foam board and (legally acquired) .pdf files.

That is when my journey began.

As of this writing, I’m about halfway through the construction of my own Great Divide here in the sandbox from hell that is southeastern California. I’m tracking the experiment with photos and notes as I go, and later posts will give a step-by-step account of the process, in case anyone wants to replicate the process.

What innovations have you seen or attempted in the quest for the perfect screen?

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