First Attempts

At some point, I realized that you could type “dungeons dragons” into the Youtube search field and find some people building some amazing shit for their various campaigns. I’m slow to catch on, but try to compensate for my denseness with boundless enthusiasm.

Shown here (with Gurgulak the Orc Shaman for scale) are my first two attempts at making scaled mini dungeon furniture/props. The shelf and weapons rack are made out of balsa wood, cut roughly with a pocketknife and stained with a light acrylic wash (approx 5-1 parts water to paint.)

The weapons are cheap plastic from a set of 50mm scale plastic knights. The scale is off, but they make the point all right. Lopped them out of the knights’ hands with an x-acto knife. The glue is just Elmer’s Craft; it dried clear but turned a weird greenish-yellow after a couple weeks, giving a nice moldy effect.

The pieces are rough and ugly, and the scale is cartoonish; still, I was pretty proud that I had finally made some minis after a mere two-and-a-half decades of playing the game.

What was the first mini, prop, or dungeon tile you made?

the Ikea of the Underdark

the Ikea of the Underdark

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One Response to First Attempts

  1. 1. These came out amazing!! Really really well done!
    2. Followed your blog because of this sentence “try to compensate for my denseness with boundless enthusiasm”.

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